End of school year 2013

Tea graduated from the 5th grade on June 1st! AB honor roll her entire elementary career!

Tea and her Bestie Jillian

Trace completed 1st grade. He came full circle at his new school. Going from despising it for 4 months into loving it. He excited to go back this year.


These 3 what are we going to do...


A dino exhibit that came to town

a lil pit stop for lunch on day at What a Burger


Tea and puggy

Trace and mom in San Antonio

Tea with a cool backdrop

Tea won a cake at a school carnival.
(one day I will teach Tea to blog so it will be more up to date. I'm just getting worse and worse as life gets busier)

Happy Birthday Trace

Well it was my birthday! I picked out a marble cake with homemade buttercream frosting!

The cake tasted SO good.

Of course Avalanche was there to celebrate with me.

Annual Birthday PIctures

Today we headed out bright and early for our Birthday Pics. This was just a mess up one while we waited for mom to get her camera set up. Trace was trying not smile cuz he said his cheeks were hurting and they needed a rest.
Pics are being ordered tonight so they should be in the mail by next friday!

Happy 11th Birthday Tea!

My chocolate on chocolate cake as I requested.


"One small step for man...

One giant leap for mankind."
I had a project at school where we had to pick a historical person.

I picked Neil Armstrong. We had to write and learn about the person.

Then we had to dress up like them and parade around the school.


All caught up

Trace and puggy

Tea and Dad playing around in Lowes

Trace touring a radio station

Trace and mom

Us playing video games on the weekend

Sno-cones at snowball

Pine Car derby

My car is that blue one on the end. I placed 3rd in my division! I was pretty pleased with that.

Texas State Aquarium

We went to TX state aquarium for Dollar Day (ya know where it only costs $1 to get in). We thought it was going to be bust busy busy, but it wasn't AT ALL. Afterwards we went to Cole park and burned off some energy before lunch at Brewsters Street Icehouse.

Oh Christmas Tree...

(better late than never right?)
OK Little Lemays, to be honest, has gotten lost. 2012 lacked a good amount of blogging and now 2013 is getting farther and farther behind. We are getting older, we are on the move more and frankly we don't accept our picture being taken as easily as we once did.